Hello/ Assalam,

My name is Fareeda, the owner and creative designer of Freedazsignatures.
Freedazsignatures is my little baby (sewing business) I operate from my home with the intention of growing it to a modest and lifestyle brand in the near future in sha Allah.
I am a wife and mum to three boys one and a girl, Allahuma barik.
As much as I love being an entrepreneur, family is the main ore of my existence.
This blog, ultimately is my little journal to my kids and hopefully it helps them in the future if they ever find the need to ask some questions on the internet.

The inspiration behind freedazsignatures is my little girl, Maryam and other young Muslim girls / ladies around the world. I pray and want for my little girl to grow with an Islamic Identity that she would be proud of, without having the need to feel apologetic to anyone as to why she is a muslim and why she choose to be covered and modest. While also showing her there is no limit to what she can do in life (by the will of Allah SWT) if she sets her mind to it.

Over here, on my blog, you would be able to see some behind the scenes of my sewing business, l will be sharing some sewing tips and tricks, some life hacks, creativity, productivity and wellness tips. Every and anything I find interesting that needs to be talked about or addressed such as living a meaningful life, self care, self improvement, motivation, I will be glad to share with you.

I believe, we all in some ways struggle with one thing or the other, so this is me creating a platform where we can all help share, solve or alleviate the day-to-day struggles or life challenges we might all experience or face as a society. And by the will of God Almighty (Allah SWT) we can all find solutions.

Please do follow me as I venture through this journey of life, faith and business.
Hopefully it inspires someone out there that shares the same passion, values, beliefs and challenges as I.

Welcome again to the launch of my new baby ( Modestbyfreedaz , the blog).

I would really appreciate any feedback, comments or advice.

If you are interested in collaborating with me, you can email me at enquiry@freedazsignatures.com

thanks for coming by,
much love, Fareeda.

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