So Naz and I met on Instagram some couple of months ago and we became very good IG friends but never got a chance to meet, even though we pretty much stayed in the same city lol, #busylives.

A couture dress for Naz

So when she called me and told me she was planning to get married and would like for me to help design and make her Nikkah and Reception dress, I was ecstatic, don’t blame me. Who doesn’t like weddings!

The only setback then was that I was 7 months pregnant and she needed them in like two and half months, ohhhhh the pressure!
But I simply could not resist the opportunity to make her something for her special day. So we both concluded instead of me making the two dresses I should concentrate on the Nikkah ceremony dress and she should get the reception dress at a local bridal store, because of the proximity in time.

I told her to send me pictures of her inspiration for the nikkah dress and all the details she wanted incorporated in the dress. So we could get to work as soon as possible.
Since we both stay in the same city, she was able to come in for a physical consultation. We discussed the style, fabric choice, design construction and what look she wanted to go for. She concluded, she wanted an ’Off the shoulder simple silhouette, lace top with satin bottom ball dress and fitted sleeves’.

We immediately went fabrics shopping, went to a couple of stores in the GTA (greater Toronto area) with her wonderful mum and lovely friend, until we were fortunate enough to see exactly what we wanted, which was seen and picked up by her wonderful friend.

The lace was a beautiful 3D embellished emerald-green detailed tulle lace, that just exults a sense of Royalty. I immediately went to work , did a prototype and sent her some pictures of pieces I put together so I could get the approval to proceed with the design.

About 3 weeks after our first physical consultation and multiple pictures sent back and forth lol, she was able to try on the dress.
Two things had to be changed, the neckline and the volume of the skirt part of the dress .
We concluded the off the shoulder design wasn’t very flattering on her little frame and the volume of the skirt should be reduced.

After about 2 to 3 fittings we were able to get the dress fitting right with the perfect sweetheart neckline, hand sew the 3D petals to the bodice of the dress and we were also able to squeeze in a veil/ hijab from left over fabric to finish off the look.

Ultimately, it was a beautiful experience working with her and l am glad and happy she loved her nikkah dress.
May Allah bless your union Nazanine, and grant both you and your husband pious children that would be the coolness of your eyes, Aameen.

Beautiful Nikkah Gown l made for Naz - Freedasignatures. I made this gorgeous emerald green dress for my clientsNikkah ceremony.

2 thoughts on “A DRESS FOR NAZ

  1. Omg that was the sweetest thing alhamdulilah. Honestly I’m so grateful to Allah that I met you and had such an amazing friend and seamstress. I never thought in a million years that I’d get a couture dress made so beautifully alhamdulilah. May Allah reward you immensely and shower you beautiful family with blessings. Ameen. I’m going to be following this blog as I enjoyed it quite alot…And not just because this one was about me ?

    1. Aameen to your duas. It was such a pleasure to have met you and for you to have me design and make your Nikkah dress. You were such a beautiful soul to work with and the dress was breathtaking on you. I pray Allah continue to put baraka in your marriage and all your endeavours.
      Thanks for following the blog ❤️, I pray I don’t disappoint ??.

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